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Process Piping

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3600 TON Chiller Plant

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Electrical Switch Gear

Cooper Preuit Engineers was founded in 1986 with a commitment to engineering excellence and dedicated to providing exceptional engineering service to owners, architects, developers, and contractors. The principals of CPE offer over 70 years of combined mechanical and electrical engineering experience.

Each project is managed by one of the three CPE principal engineers. By combining both mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines under one project team leader, we are able to streamline the coordination process, insure system design compatibility and maintain the project’s integrity with maximum cost efficiency.

CPE is schedule sensitive. We have developed extensive standards for engineering, design, and drafting. Carefully maintained standard specifications form the basis for project documents. We maintain up-to-date computer systems for analysis and for computer aided design and drafting [CAD]. These tools enable us to produce exceptionally high quality construction documents very quickly. We are able to support very aggressive schedules.

Our clients can be assured of the personal attention of highly capable and experienced professional engineers for every project. The accuracy, clarity, and completeness of our design documents result in low construction costs, on-time projects and satisfied users. 

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